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To build community, expand worldviews,

and promote the art of film.

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The New Bedford Film Society was founded in the summer of 2020 as an incubator project in the Southcoast EforAll program.

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Mocha James Herrup, PhD


After teaching as a professor in the Radio-TV-Film Department at the Austin Community College for many years, Mocha left Texas in search of cooler weather and the next best thing. They found what they were looking for in the vibrant, friendly city of New Bedford.


Mocha has worked as a programmer and organizer for festivals including SXSW, the Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival, and the Seattle Translations Festival. 

Their award winning films have screened on The Sundance Channel, Northwest Airlines, at the Walker Art Center and in festivals around the world.

They are currently a senior lecturer at Suffolk University.

They like cats, and some dogs.

Photo by Deb Norris


Come to our next mixer on Friday, Sept. 2nd at the Pour Farm from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Do you want to be part of something exciting and new in the city of New Bedford?

Are you a dedicated cineaste or plain 'ol movie lover?

Into organizing and planning events, marketing to diverse communities, engaging audiences, and creating joy?

Love films and love to talk about them?

Write to us at or and let us know what you're interested in!

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