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What would Christmas be without a story about rising from the dead?

Get into the holiday spirit with ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE  – *the* zombie Christmas musical you need to see this year.

For the folks who have seen IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE a thousand times, know that “A Christmas Story” doesn’t hold up (misogyny is a bummer),

and take their eggnog with a side of bloody mary –

We bring you a new holiday tradition!



FREE HOT CHOCOLATE between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM, before the screening.

Plan to be there, those drinks won’t spike themselves!

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This is the film that Icelandic musical superstar, Björk, walked the red carpet for in her iconoclastic swan dress that even Lil Nas X can’t supplant. Directed by Lars Von Trier (BREAKING THE WAVES, MELANCHOLIA), DANCER IN THE DARK is a pathos powerhouse, a real doozy of emotion– and features one of the best musical numbers ever filmed with a moving train. 


Set in Washington state in 1964, the film tells the story of Selma Jezkova (Björk), a Czech immigrant working in a factory to support her 12-year old son. Suffering from a degenerative eye condition, Selma hides her condition from everyone except her close friend Kathy (Catherine Deneuve). When she isn’t working or taking care of her son, Selma rehearses for a community production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, accompanies Kathy to watch Hollywood musicals at the local cinema, and slips into her own performative musical daydreams. 

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Catherine Deneuve and Nino Castelnuovo star as two young lovers in the French coastal city of Cherbourg. Seventeen year old Genevieve (Deneuve) works at her mother’s tiny, struggling umbrella shop. Twenty year old Guy (Castelnuovo) is a handsome auto mechanic who cares for his grandmother. Though Genevieve’s mother disapproves of their love, the two secretly plan to marry. When Guy is drafted to fight in the Algerian War, their lives take different turns.  


A Cannes Film Festival Palm d’Or winner, THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG features sumptuous production design with Kubrick-esque colors and dense patterning, and rivals Zeffifirelli’s ROMEO AND JULIET for its gripping depiction of impetuous youth. The perfect Valentine’s Day film (yes, it’s a little sad, but that just means y’all get to hold each other closer). 


UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG was also nominated for five Academy Awards including Best Foreign-Language Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Score, and Best Original Song (“I Will Wait for You”) 

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To build community, expand worldviews,

and promote the art of film.

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The New Bedford Film Society was founded in the summer of 2020 as an incubator project in the Southcoast EforAll program.

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Mocha James Herrup, PhD


After teaching as a professor in the Radio-TV-Film Department at the Austin Community College for many years, Mocha left Texas in search of cooler weather and the next best thing. They found what they were looking for in the vibrant, friendly city of New Bedford.


Mocha has worked as a programmer and organizer for festivals including SXSW, the Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival, and the Seattle Translations Festival. 

Their award winning films have screened on The Sundance Channel, Northwest Airlines, at the Walker Art Center and in festivals around the world.

They are currently a senior lecturer at Suffolk University.

They like cats, and some dogs.

Photo by Deb Norris


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